Is Your Clutter Costing You Money?

Clutter costing you money.png

What harm can a bit of extra stuff around the house really do?

Well, turn out when it comes to your finances it could be having a greater effect than you would think.

Here we discuss some of the ways a declutter could also mean extra cash in your wallet!

You forget what you have

Ever gone and bought a new roll of sticky tape because you had no idea where yours was in your house? Ever come home with a purchase only to realise you already had an unopened packet at home? The more things we own, the less we remember about what we have and where it is. This can lead to unnecessary purchases and wasting our money.


Cleaning your house requires electricity, cleaning products, rags, scrubbing brushes, dusters etc. The more things you own, the more cleaning is required, and the quicker you go through your cleaning supplies and materials. Not to mention the biggest drain of all... your time. Dusting thousands of nick nacks, clearing things out of the way to clean surfaces and then putting them back... not to mention time and energy required to repair or maintain these items. 


Having the space to store your things can often mean needing an extra room, larger garage, or a shed in the backyard, with possibly a bigger yard to accommodate this. And space comes at a cost. Higher weekly rent or purchase prices for your home can be a significant cost when you look at it in total over a year.

Start saving

If you want to start getting your belongings under control but are hesitant to just throw things away, why not consider an affordable self-storage space at Yatala Self Storage?