Getting Ready for a New Baby

Getting ready for a new baby

The big day is getting closer, and you still feel like you are completely unorganised. So what are some of most important things you can do to get prepared? Glad you asked!

Don't underestimate the important of reaching distance

Babies feed. A lot. And for quite a long time. At first they may feed every 2-3 hours, and this can take anywhere from 15-40 minutes as they learn to control the muscles in their mouth and suck effectively. 

Making sure that there is a drink for you, reading material, snacks, your phone, or the remote within easy reach is a good strategy. Setting up a station next to a nursing chair with all of your supplies could work- just make sure it has space for those few extra things you might need as well, such as burp cloths, towels, wipes and nappies, feeding pillow, and change of clothes for your little bundle. 

Feeding time can be a little messy with leaks and spit ups, so being able to clean up quickly without moving is a definite perk. You also may want a change mat handy, a nappy bin, and a washing basket. Put away the things that are currently taking up space in your living room, and be prepared for it to turn into baby central for a while. 

Be prepared to throw all your assumptions out the window.

You probably have some idea of the way you would like to parent your new addition, and heard plenty of tips on what you should or shouldn't do. The wonderful thing about many (not all) brand new babies is that they are extra sleepy in the first few weeks of life and less likely to wake. 

Many babies can become more sensitive to their environment when they become more alert as they get a little older, and this can include waking more easily. In this case, you may finding yourself trying everything and anything to just get your little angel to SLEEP!

Some popular tricks for helping young children fall asleep and stay asleep are blackout blinds or curtains as well as nursery music/white noise tracks on repeat. You may want to have the baby room organised and the floor cleared so that you can make your way in and out easily in a darkened room. There's nothing worse than a stubbed toe or tripping when you are sleep deprived.

Getting ready to childproof

In no time at all, your baby will be on the move. It might start with rolling, doing the worm, an army crawl, then properly crawling, pulling up and then walking! You'll find that your home is riddled with potentially harmful objects- power cords, things on low shelves that can be pulled down, ornaments that can be bumped, drawers that can be opened, small objects that can be inhaled. 

Either put things away or up high where they can't be reached. Protect from sharp corners as much as possible, and keep the floor clear so you can easily spot small objects that are potential choking hazards.  Eventually your toddler will develop more of an awareness of their surroundings and become more cautious (or listen when you say no). 

Consider a storage space

If you want to turn your spare room into a baby room, a storage space could be a solution. Same goes if you want to clear away some things so you have just have less clutter in the rest of the house. The easier your home is to maintain while you ave your hands full (literally) with a little one, the easier your life will be. 

We would love to help you find a short or long term self storage space that suits your needs. Contact us to get an affordable quote.