Moving Doesn't Need to be a Nightmare

moving tips.png

If you've ever had to move house before you will understand just how stressful it can be. But does it need to be that way? Not necessarily. 

Start preparing ahead of time. 

You know the move date, but you can't start shifting your belongings to the new place until the keys are actually in your hand. There are however things that you can do to get organised ahead of time. 

Start packing away the things that you don't use often, and probably won't need until after you've made the move. You might find that you have more of these kinds of possessions than you would think. 

If the boxes are starting to pile up and you don't want to be walking around them, you could shift these boxes to a short term self storage space. The added perk is that you can move these boxes into your new home at your leisure, not when you are on a deadline for getting out of your old place. 

Start cleaning room by room.

A bond clean is expensive if you pay for someone else to do it, and very time consuming if you decide to do it yourself. So what's the alternative? A gradual process of elimination in the weeks leading up to the move. 

Clear out one room and clean up, then shut the door. If you have more than one bathroom clean one top to bottom and then set it as out of bounds. Clear out the pantry and kitchen cupboards, clean it, and pack away the things you won't be needing in the last week or two, and leave just enough dinnerware and cutlery in the drying rack to serve your immediate needs etc.

You might need to keep adding to your self storage space as you clear out more and more rooms, so choose one that you can access easily. When it comes to moving day, you won't be faced with an entire house that needs to be tackled when you are already exhausted after lifting boxes all day. 

Decide what to put back into your new home

If you've been living with just 10-20% of your usual belongings in the lead up to the move, you may have found that this was far more functional than you thought! What a fantastic opportunity you now have to decide how to design the interior of your new home, and really evaluate what you want in your space. 

Look at each item before you just automatically find a place for it. When is the last time you used it? Is it actually useful? Could it be donated to someone who needs it more? All great questions that lead the way to more open clutter free space for you, and a home filled with things that have real meaning to you. 

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