The Not-So-Obvious Perks of Storage

Perks of storage being organised.png

Storage solutions. For some it's just a practical necessity, for others it's an absolute joy finding creative and visually appealing ways to keep your home organised. So what is it about having the right storage solutions that has such a big impact on our everyday lives?

The Storage Solutions Themselves

That big beautiful buffet. Built in robes. The printed storage ottoman. Beds with build in drawers. Coffee tables with hidden compartments. Floating shelves. Organiser trays. What do they all have in common?

They are things that we look at every day in our homes. They contribute to the overall interior design of the house, and offer a solution to tucking away all the bits and pieces that we don't want to have to stare at every day. They are also a way to express your own personal style and make your home feel like a reflection of your taste and personality, 

Protecting Your Belongings

If you have something in your home, chances are it is useful, or beautiful, or has sentimental value. Otherwise why would you hold onto it? It makes sense that you want to keep it in pristine condition. Storage solutions offer protection from dust, pests, mould, and breakages. 

And what does this mean? Less waste, and less expense in maintaining or replacing items. Better for the environment, and better for your bank account. 

A Clear Headspace

Knowing where your things are means you don't spend 15 minutes tearing your hair out trying to find a safety pin. Having a designated place your each belonging means you don't end up with piles of "stuff" growing on your dining room table.

Having a system for organisation means that you can be more efficient in getting things done, and less frustrated with constantly fighting clutter. This frees up more of your headspace for making good decisions in other areas of your life. Work, healthy eating, exercising, hobbies, family time etc. 

If there's just too much

If you seem to be in a never-ending cycle of looking for new storage solutions, it could be that you just have too many things for the space that you are in. Why not consider putting aside some of the items that you use the least frequently (like Christmas decorations) and storing them at Yatala Self Storage... take a tour of our facility here.