Are you hurting your brain with clutter?


A foggy head, irritability, that little feeling of constant frustration, or trouble making decisions. Your environment could be having a bigger effect on your headspace than you give it credit for. 

Have you ever been on a holiday, and found that you could just relax and think so much clearer being away? Ever found yourself wondering how much of that is from the holiday destination itself... or just being in a clean and clutter free space for a while.

Well as it turns out there are quite a few benefits that you may just be missing out on if you don't have that house of yours in order. Below are a few insights for you to think about that might just get your head back to where you want it to be. 

You have more time

Even tried to find something when you are in a hurry, and have no idea where you left it last, and end up running twenty minutes late after finding it under a pile of mail... on the bathroom floor?When you have a clean, organised and clutter free home you will find it much easier to find the things your looking for when you need them, as everything has its place. 

Less maintenance

If your home is organised and clutter free it becomes very easy to maintain and clean. With only little tidy ups then needed here and there to keep on top of it, you have more time to relax or do the things you love. Go curl up with a glass of wine and a book you deserve it!!!

Better for the planet

Keeping your home clutter free means you don't get sucked into buying more and more things that you don't really need. The latest crazes, being tempted by catchy advertisements, or bright and shiny new things at the shops lose their appeal.

When you are committed to "less is more" and you stop purchasing things on impulse, you are consuming less, and therefore using less of the planets resources, helping to reduce the strain on the environment. Handing down your belongings to others who need them, rather than throwing them out, is another way of your doing your part in taking care of this beautiful world.

Lets not forget- the less you buy, the more you save, giving you the opportunity to purchase quality when you do need to buy something. Something that costs more but lasts you 10 years is a better investment than something cheap that needs to be replaced every 6 months. 

You have space to think

Having an abundance of stuff clutters our minds. When you have to deal visually with a cluttered home, it results in a cluttered mind. With a lot of stuff to think and worry about, we don't dare to start a new project or new idea.

A cluttered house can drain our mental energy. When you declutter your home your mind becomes more relaxed and stress free creating more time and mental energy to think about other things and execute them better.

It is so much easier to plan, make decisions, and prioritise when your home is clean and organised. De-cluttering could really change your live. You will get that wonderful feeling of accomplishment and enjoy a newfound appreciation for your home and possessions.

Have you started de-cluttering your home yet? We would love to help you. If you have belongings you just can't bear to part with but would love to live a clutter free life, check out the short or long term self storage spaces we have to offer- short or long term, it's up to you.

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