Surviving your dream home build

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Some families with two incomes and no kids might have no worries renting while their dream house is being built, but this is not reality for a lot of families. In brainstorming ways to save money on rent while building you may be considering:

  • Downsizing to a cheaper unit or... 
  • Moving in with a family member temporarily 

To make sure that on that wonderful day that you are handed your keys and take that first step into your completed home, that you do so with your sanity intact as well, here are our top tips on surviving your temporary home.

Have less stuff

So you have taken the step of moving in with family to give you the added cash flow you need to be able to build your dream home. Taking too many possessions with you while you have a temporary stay with family can make this living space feel cramped and almost unliveable, creating unneeded stress, and making you feel miserable.

Instead, either donate items you don't need but are in good repair, get rid of things you know you will never use again, or put more bulky items or things that you want to keep but use infrequently in short term self storage.

Fight frustration

Bringing all your belongings packed up in boxes can make it hard to feel settled in your new temporary home, and you may find yourself rummaging through them looking for things you need.  When you cant find what your looking for and move from box to box, you are wasting so much of your precious time and bound to get frustrated.

Instead, narrow things down to the essential items that you really need, and make sure these items are ready available... not heaped under old birthday cards, or 180 pairs of socks. 

Avoid claustrophobia

Feeling cramped surrounded by boxes and chaos can make the most level headed person cranky and lash out at loved ones over silly things. If your feeling literally "boxed in" it's important to find space in some way or another. 

Try going for a nice long walk to clear your mind and relax, and take a deep breath-  remembering this is only temporary and soon enough you will have more space than you know what to do with.

Don't step on toes

Remember to be mindful of your other family members while staying in their home. They are doing you a solid by giving you the extra finances to be able to build your dream house. Respect their privacy and pitch in with cleaning and shopping when you can to make it a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Maybe even draw up a housework roster, such as cleaning the bathroom, working around the times your family need it for getting ready for work, and making sure nobody is inconvenienced.

In summary

Perhaps making the decision to only pack and bring with you what you need on a weekly basis while you stay with family throughout your house build would be wise. There's a lot to be said for minimalism, and the psychological benefits of living with less have been shown time and time again,

Choosing to put the rest of your belongings into storage might be the perfect solution for everyone. This would make for a more relaxing stay for you, not being surrounded by mountains of boxes in your new temporary space, and also being more respectful to your family that is helping you out by not taking over their entire home.

Once your dream house is ready, everything is already packed and ready to go, so the whole process of moving will be much more enjoyable, and you can actually just enjoy the end result... Your new home, just as you wanted it, and all yours. 

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