Travel... 5 reasons you need to do it.

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What is it about being overseas that changes your whole way of seeing the world, where you fit in, and gives you such great appreciation everything you have once you get home? We think we might have some of those answers.

You see a different point of view

When you travel, you are forced out of your comfort zone, you speak to more people than you might normally speak to, you strike up conversations with strangers, and you have more of a natural curiosity for what is around you. 

As a result, you often get an insight into the lives of other people, which offers some wonderful perspective on your own life. 

Maybe you visited a tiny village in the mountains of Bali, and were able to see past the little hut with the dirt floor and no flushing toilets... and instead you noticed people who had the most beautiful nature, smiled and joked, who had so little but were always so willing to share. 

You experience new things

It could have been the most incredible meal of your life in Java, completely unrecognisable dishes that you decided to just take a leap with and try, and that were made from the most incredible fresh local produce grown in soil so rich with volcanic ash that the natural depth of flavour and texture just couldn't be replicated in the finest restaurants.

You let go of your fear

Seeing what others in this world go through unflinchingly on a daily basis makes all those petty little dramas in life seem so ridiculous to be worrying about. The coworker with that snaky comments that you are sure doesn't like you. The washing beside the laundry basket instead of in it. The correct system for stacking the dishwasher. 

The amount of mental energy you are willing to waste on such things rapidly diminishes when you compare this to the real struggles in the world, and you realise just how good you really have it. 

You realise just how little you actually need

Living out of a suitcase teaches you that not only can you survive with only the necessities, but that doing so actually leaves you with so much more time and energy to explore, create, have amazing conversations, and try new things. 

You learn to appreciate the free things in life

The view from a cliff top, the smells of spices in a local market, the quiet of a remote location, the crunch of snow under your feet. When your sole purpose is to see whats around you, it's incredible how much more observant you are, and how much more value all the little m

So stop putting it off

Find a way, take the time, book the flights, and go explore this world. Go for a week, and month, or a year. Leave everything behind (we can help with that) and find out what you are made of. Because you only have one life to live, and you owe it to yourself to make it amazing.