Are You Paying Too Much for Rent?

paying too much for rent.png

So many of us have it... You know the one. That extra bedroom, that you just need to have, because you've accumulated a lifetime of memories, or paperwork, or things you don't use right now but will again one day.

And you know what? If those things mean something to you, are valuable, or necessary, then you go ahead and hold onto them for all you are worth. But just because you want to keep them, shouldn't mean your bank account should suffer so that you can do so. 

How could storing your keepsakes be holding you back? Glad you asked. 

How much space do you really need?

Much of the time we have a whole bedroom with the cupboards filled to the brim, maybe things stacked up against the walls, or under the bed. But go and look at your spare room- actually look at it.... is it stacked from floor to ceiling with no space left around it?

Chances are the answer is no- which means that you are paying for part of a bedroom that isn't being used, you are paying for empty space.

How much rent could you be saving?

Lets take a look at an average 3 bedroom townhouse on the northern Gold Coast. How much rent could you expect to pay per week? A quick Google tells us that you might be paying around $350-$420 a week. Lets say $400 for this example.

On the other hand a 2 bedroom townhouse goes for around $240-$320/week. Lets say $300 a week for this example. So by downsizing you could be saving ~$100 a week in rent, which is $5,200 a year just FYI.

But what about all my stuff?

I know what you are thinking, that you couldn't possibly cram everything you own into a smaller home. But what if there was another way, one that let you keep everything, but also save big on rent expenses?

We have two words for you... Self. Storage. Did you know that a 5.8 cubic metre space at Yatala Self Storage will cost you less than $20 a week ($84/month)? That means you could still be saving $80 a week based on our above example, which is $4160 a year, which could be a new boat. Or holiday. Or spending money. 

Why Yatala Self Storage?

Conveniently located just minutes from the M1 Pacific Highway, and midway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Yatala Self Storage offer spaces from small to extra large and for short or long term durations. Plus, the owner managers Liz and Paul offer outstanding service and are there to help you find the perfect storage solution to fit you and your needs. 

So go on!

Get out that measuring tape and give Liz and Paul a call on (07) 5549 3299 to find the space that works for you!