Got storage problems? Consider this...

Have you been scouring Pinterest looking for clever storage solutions, ways to organise your house, ways to declutter, or are you just feeling the walls closing in on you as you seem to accumulate more stuff by the minute?

There might be a simpler way for you to get the organised and tidy home of your dreams, without having to get rid of sentimental items, or put things up for sale on Gumtree. Here's how a self storage unit at Yatala Self Storage could be the solution you have been looking for.

Small to large, short term to long term

Did you know that we offer small storage spaces 1.4 x 1.4 and 3 meters high (5.8 cubic meters) for less than $20 a week ($84 a month), and then many spaces in between... right up to extra large spaces of 76 cubic metres. Plus, you can choose short or long term storage depending on your needs. We can give you a quote based on your customised experiences.

So forget moving to a bigger place with more storage, renting a workshop so that you have a place to work on that classic car in the garage, or saying goodbye to those boxes of the kids old finger painting masterpieces, photo albums full of memories you couldn't bear to part with, old files, or sentimental knick knacks can all be safely kept (but not underfoot). 

Your things are safe with us

Ever had a leak in your roof, or flooding, that caused water damage to all your precious and irreplaceable belongings? How about finding mould all through your stuff, or that insects or vermin have chewed big chunks out of your things. 

Not only does Yatala storage offer the obvios requirement of security and 24 hour surveillance, but we pride ours on dry, and clean storage... so that you take home your things in the same condition that you dropped them off.

Built for convenience

There are two reasons why our Yatala Gold Coast location offers exceptional convenience for our clients. Firsty- we are situated midway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, offering easy access for commuters needing to pick up belongings on the way to or from work, or for those who want easy access to the M1 Pacific Highway for transporting their goods. 

Secondly, our entire facility has been purpose-built and designed from the ground-up to offer convenience of use (as well as security). We haver shaded loading areas, trolleys are available to help move your items, and lifts and hand trucks are on site to help take some of the burden out of packing and unpacking.

We can also offer you with packaging materials, storage containers, heavy-duty removal boxes, tape and shock absorption materials for purchase at the office. Cool drinks and clean amenities are also available on-site, so that you can take your time and store your things the way you want to and maximise your space.

Owner managers are on site

Why do clients keep coming back to Yatala? It could be the owner managers Liz and Paul Thatcher, who are happy to help and offer that personalised service that makes the entire process so much more enjoyable. Liz and Paul are real people that care about you and your storage needs, as well as supporting their local community.

So if you have been searching for the right storage unit on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, or anywhere in between, considering moving to the Gold Coast from Brisbane and need furniture storage that can be easily accessible from either location, or are a local in the Yatala/Ormeau area, call Liz and Paul!

They will be only too happy to help you find the solution that works for you. And don't forget, they offer discounts for 3,6, or 12 month advance payments!