Increase Small Business Profit

increase small business profit

If you are running a small business, or work within a business, and are looking for ways to increase profit, there may be one aspect of your business systems that you have overlooked.

Staff performance (and yours) in terms of not only efficiency but also effectiveness is going to depend on a number of factors.

One of these is the ability to be productive. This is dependent on available resources, the knowledge, and the physical ability to get work done. Productivity is negatively impacted by disorganisation, and delays.

Make everyday tasks effortless

Let's use the example of printing off a document, and posting it to a client. Sounds simple right? What if the printer runs out of ink? A quick fix if a replacement cartridge is easily accessible, and your staff member knows where to find it. But what if it's buried somewhere at the back of a cabinet that is packed full of paperwork, stationery, and assorted other items?

It might only take 2 minutes to find- after a bit of digging- but that's 2 minutes that could have been used for something more productive. What if those mountains of "extras" that needed to be kept, but weren't used every day, were kept offsite in a secure and handy location? Wouldn't this improve the everyday efficiencies of completing everyday tasks?

Streamline systems

Let's say you run an e-commerce business. You need to pack an order for a customer. You have to find the item that has been purchased, pack it, and ship it. Again, a simple process in theory. So what happens if you're running your business out of your garage, have received a new shipment of inventory, plus there are mountains of stock that haven't moved in the last three months stacked floor to ceiling?

You have to weave through piles of boxes, and try and find the location of the one item they are looking for. What if you had an offsite storage facility where you kept excess stock? When you required a top up of your inventory, a quick trip to your local off-site space would achieve this quickly and easily.

The best part? You can quickly and easily see all the items you have available, notice the slow moving items so you can run clearance sales, and be more efficient in the ongoing systems that make your business run. The quicker you can fulfill orders, the happier your customers, and the less stressed you are. 

Measure results

Do you feel like you are constantly busy, but have no idea where all your time goes? A small business owner can constantly feel like they are being pulled in different directions, and it can be hard to know if your business is making progress without measuring results. 

Unfortunately, reporting can fall to the bottom of your to-do list when you have more pressing tasks needing to be done. Setting aside an hour a month to analyse KPI's could be achievable if you are able to streamline your tasks and systems within your business. Clearing out all the physical clutter can also have a miraculous effect on clearing out mental clutter...

Ever noticed how much more you can concentrate when you have a clear desk vs. one piled with paperwork, staplers, and folders? Give yourself the space to think creatively, gain insights into the performance of your business, and take strategic action instead of living in a state of reactivity. 

If you are ready to optimise your business productivity, why not talk to us about a self-storage space? From large to small, short to long term, we have the space to suit your business needs.