Cheapest Self Storage on the Gold Coast... 3 Things to Consider


If you are looking for a self storage solution, you might think they are all probably much the same, and are tempted to just go for the cheapest self storage on the Gold Coast instead of considering other important factors. 

Let's look into reasons why cheaper isn't always going to be the most important criteria in choosing who should help you store your belongings. 

1: Location

Choosing self storage should take into account your location, how close it is to your home or work, how easy it is to access, and what roads are like in surrounding areas. If you are planning to use a truck to move belongings to and fro you will need a facility on a road that can accommodate a vehicle of this size. 

You'll also want to consider how often you are planning to access your belongings. The more frequently you'll be picking up or dropping off, the closer you want your storage facility to be to where you live. A location off the M1 such as Yatala Self Storage might make access a lot easier for a wider range of home locations, especially if you tend to move around or travel for long periods. 

2: Supporting local community businesses

Perhaps it is important to you to support family owned local businesses that play an active role in their community. Opting for a cheaper storage facility that is part of one the bigger chains is certainly an option. Consider this though... selecting a local business such as Yatala Self Storage with owner managers Liz and Paul Thatcher could mean not only that you are helping to support your local community, but also a more personal service for you. 

3: Help if you need it

Needing self storage can be because you are downsizing, moving, building your dream home, needing space at home for starting your own business, or even to make space for a new snuggly addition to the family. These can all be somewhat stressful times in your life for a number of reasons, and knowing that you can get that little bit of extra help can make all the difference.

Whether it's help with selecting the right space size, finding packing materials or knowing how to access trolleys, getting a quote, or just having a chat when you are there, Liz and Paul are renowned for their excellent customer service and friendly manner.

So do you still think that finding the cheapest self storage on the Gold Coast is the only thing that matters? Why not give us a call, get a quote and decide for yourself whether our affordable self storage solutions are right for you.