Why We Love to Hoard...

why we love to hoard

It probably comes as no surprise that collecting things, or refusing to get rid of things, isn't really about the thing itself, but more the attachment we have to it, or the meaning we assign to it...

There are a huge number of reasons why you might find it difficult to get rid of your belongings, including...

Sentimental attachment

A huge number of mothers with grown up children, for example, will still have some of their children's baby clothes. Of course, they will probably never be used again, but it's almost impossible to get yourself to give them away, because of all those warm and fuzzy memories attached to those tiny outfits.

In fact, having things that can bring back memories to happy times, or things you don't want to forget can be a lovely way to keep in touch with your past. Being selective is the key here- picking out 20 of the most Picasso like childhood drawings can offer a wonderful trip down memory lane. Having 20 boxes of drawings that would take you a lifetime to sort through... maybe not so much.

Future use

An incredibly common reason for collecting things is the potential for them to be used in the future. This is especially found when someone has experienced periods of deprivation- such as financial hardship, or scarcity of resources.

In fact, from a sustainability point of view, reusing items instead of buying new ones is a great strategy in helping our environment. This method only really causes problems when all those little things that have possible future uses start to pile up.

If you have 27 balls of string that you picked up somewhere along the way, ask yourself how much you are comfortable keeping, and how much you could give away to friends or family who could use it themselves.


When you decide that something belongs to you, something funny happens, in terms of your psychology. We become unwilling to part with it, even if we really have no use for it, or it has no actual value. 

This can be a tricky one to fight, so instead of trying to break this pattern, instead why not shift your thinking to trying to accumulate less in the first place. This will give you a better ability to use and enjoy the possessions you already have, without them getting lost in the piles of new purchases.

The balance

There's a reason we collect things, and that is perfectly ok! The trick is to choose to keep the things that are genuinely useful, have real meaning to you, or make you happy, instead of holding onto everything that comes along just for the sake of it.

If you have lots of things that you couldn't bear to part with, but don't use every day, why not consider a self-storage unit with us? It's more affordable than you would think, and you don't have to say goodbye to things you love. 

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