2018… The Year You Decluttered for Good

Living room uncluttered.png

We can get so used to our most familiar surroundings - like our home or workspace - that we don’t notice changes as they happen. Little additions can build up over time, until we are drowning in “stuff” and wondering… how on earth did it get like this?

If you, like many others, started off the New Year with a resolution to declutter your home there are some simple strategies that can make this process a little bit easier for you.

Have a “maybe” pile

We can often underestimate how much sentimental attachment we can have to our belongings. And we can often underestimate just how many things we own that we have a sentimental attachment to.

There’s also the “someday” items that we find so hard to part with, just in case we ever need them again. Even though we haven’t ever needed them in the years prior, there’s still a chance they could have a use one day.  

If you are finding that the thought of throwing away certain items is making you feel uncomfortable, you could try putting them in a “maybe” box and store this temporarily. You can come back to this box in 6-12 months to re-evaluate.

Often you can find that with a fresh look at a later date you find that there are some items that you really don’t need to keep, or that someone would make better use of. If there are still some things leftover in that storage box, you can be fairly confident that these items are truly important to you and deserve to be kept.

Every item has its own spot

If you’ve donated, sold, or otherwise disposed of the extra things in your home you don’t need, one of the fun parts can be organising everything left! Consider choosing to adopt the concept that each belonging you keep should have it’s own special spot in your home, and is always returned there after use.

Not only does this prevent a pile up of things on the kitchen counter, but is also a way to judge when the inevitable build up of new things is starting to get out of control. If you are struggling to find room for new things, or your current storage spaces are beginning to feel cramped instead of easily accessible, that’s your red flag.

You might find that this prompts you to do little cleanouts periodically throughout the year. It may also make you more mindful about purchases, gifts, or freebies and whether these items really deserve a space in your home.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up on New Year's Day 2019 surrounding by things that are really useful, valuable to you, or that just plain make you happy?

Separate the everyday from the occasional

There are some items - like Christmas decorations, or camping gear - that may only be used once or twice a year. These things are still important to keep, but does this mean you should be tripping over them every time you walk into the garage?

Think about where you could pack away occasionally used items so that they are out of the way, but kept safe. Things like mould, insects, flooding, or extreme heat can damage your valuable items. Sealed durable containers in dry, protected spaces such as a shed, or the roof of your home might be a good option.

If you find that after all of your hard work you still need some extra space, our team here at Yatala Self Storage would be more than happy to assist you in choosing an self storage space with us to suit your needs.

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