Discounts on Self Storage Spaces

Discounts on Self Storage Spaces.jpg

Did you know that Yatala Self Storage offer discounts if you make payments for 3, 6, or 12 months in advance? This could be a great way for you to claim some savings if you know ahead of time that you intend to store your belongings for a medium to long term duration.

So who might find this information useful?


We offer small spaces right through to extra large spaces that can fit boats, cars, caravans, or small trucks. This can be helpful for businesses that are growing and have found that their storage needs now exceed the space at their current location. It can also be useful for businesses that may use some equipment infrequently, or that buy office or other supplies in bulk but don’t particularly want these underfoot in their workspace.

New Home Owners

If you are building your own home you may have chosen to temporarily stay with family members, or simply downsize to minimise expenses while your home is being built. If the entire building process from start to finish is more than 3 months, you might consider an advance payment for your estimated storage duration to take advantage of our discounts.

Digital Nomads

If you are lucky enough that you can work from anywhere with a decent WiFi connection, you may have thought about working while overseas. If you are considering an extended overseas trip, but aren’t quite sure what you would do with all of your belongings, a self storage space could be a solution you hadn’t considered.

Making Room for Guests

Perhaps your daughter has chosen to study and is moving back home temporarily, a friend is going through a time of hardship, or you would like to rent out your spare bedroom. Whatever the reason, you need to make space for someone to come and stay in your home for more than 3 months and a self storage space could help you to accomodate this.

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