Going Paperless

Going Paperless.jpg

Doesn’t that sound just lovely? All that paperwork that’s piled up, or old tax returns, receipts, invoices, contracts, owners manuals, bills, statements. All out of your house, out of your space, and secure.

But then you look around, and the sheer quantity of paperwork seems too overwhelming. Would you really have to scan all of that and upload it to the cloud, or an external hard drive? That could take hours! Days! … Weeks even!

So how can you instantly get the space and tidiness you are craving without taking on the seemingly impossible task of dealing with each piece of paper (one by one, sigh!) until the job is done?

Here at Yatala Self Storage we were thinking about this and wondered how a short-term storage space could help. Here’s what we came up with.

The store it and then chuck it approach

Some paper files only need to be kept for a finite period of time. For example, according to the ATO you need to keep tax documents for 5 years. For any papers that can be safely recycled after a set amount of time, placing them in labelled boxes and then storing them until the date that they can be destroyed is one option to consider.

The store it and slowly work through it approach

First, you might want to sort through your paperwork and set aside any that can obviously be recycled, and then pack the rest away in a self-storage space. On weekends or days off you might stop by and grab a box. That way you can work through uploading digital copies in your own time, without having to trip over boxes in the meantime.

The store it until you clear out an alternative space approach

Maybe you have storage space at home, but at the moment it’s so full of stuff that there isn’t any spare space. You might like to store all of your paperwork in a self-storage space, and then work your way through sorting out what to keep or donate, sell, or throw away.

Once you know what you want to keep, you can organise it all and see how much remaining space you have for your paperwork. You can then move it back home, and sort through it over time.

Enjoy your paperless home!

Once you’ve converted everything to digital copies, you can enjoy a clear and tidy home office, cupboards, or spare room. Now doesn’t that feel better?