Rent out your home while you travel

Rent out your home while you travel.jpg

Are you looking to earn a bit of extra income by renting out your home while you are off travelling? Maybe you enjoy working overseas for brief or longer term stints. Maybe you just want to be able to extend your holiday time by having a bigger pool of spending money.

If you want to rent out your home short term, here are some ways that you can protect your personal items and get your home looking perfect and move in ready for your temporary renters.

Simple, functional, and inexpensive

If you have beautiful expensive dinnerware, kitchen equipment, or other items in your home and are concerned about breakages or theft, replacing them with some plain and inexpensive alternatives could be a great strategy.

You can often pick up kitchen goods that are functional for a few dollars in a second hand store, or on clearance from major retailers. That way your renters have everything they need, and if something gets broken accidentally you aren’t left picking up the very expensive pieces.

Pack away personal items and memorabilia

While your renters will appreciate their holiday home being functional and furnished, they may be less enthusiastic about looking at family pictures hanging on the wall or your grandmother's knick-knacks.

Temporarily pack away any items that you wouldn’t find in a real-life B&B or hotel, and you’ll make sure your home is looking fresh and clutter free while protecting your personal possessions.

Space for them

If you rented out a holiday home, would you expect to find someone elses sporting equipment stored in the top of the wardrobe? How about someone else’s clothes hanging up? Make sure that you clear out your belongings so that your guests have plenty of space to store their own things.

If you have quite a lot of stuff, you could consider adding a lock to a bedroom door that your guests do not have the key for and packing everything that is yours into that room while you are away.

If you would rather earn a higher income from that extra bedroom, we would be happy to speak with you about organising a short or long term self-storage space with us. We will keep your things safe so that all you need to worry about is which cocktail to order from the poolside menu.