Start Your Own Home Business

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Have you always wanted to start your own business that you can run from home? Maybe it’s a hobby that you want to start to earn an income from or a particular skill that you possess that is in high demand. It could be as simple as freelancing or earning a little bit of extra income on the weekends.

Whatever your reasons for starting a business, and whatever type of business it is, chances are that one of the reasons that you never quite got started is that you simply don’t have the space to work.

You need: A home office

While it may seem like you just don’t need a whole lot of space if you are working from a computer remotely, you might be surprised at how much having a dedicated and clutter-free space can improve your productivity.

Imagine having a desk with a comfortable office chair, and your computer already set up and ready to go. You might keep a notepad for scribbling ideas as they come into your head, a filing cabinet for any important documents, and a door that you can close to shut out any household noise.

Now compare this to trying to work from a laptop on your lap as you sit slouched on the couch. The TV is on, kids toys scattered around your feet, and your family are interrupting every 5 minutes to ask you something.

Which do you think is a better set up for productivity and creative thinking?

You need: An inventory space

Are you planning to sell products rather than services? You’ll need a clean, safe, and protected area in which to store your stock. A spare room or garage can work just fine if you are running an online business without a shop front.

Instead of just piling boxes into an already cluttered room, consider installing some inexpensive shelving so that you can keep your stock organised and easily accessible for packing orders. Make sure that you store inventory somewhere that is protected from the elements, pests, possible water leaks or flooding, and of course theft.

You need: A workshop

If you make things, fix things, design things, or build big projects, you will need the space to work. Storing supplies for production, tools and other equipment, and packaging material will be necessary.

Let’s not forget the workspace itself where you can set out everything you need and get started with plenty of room to do what you need to. You’ll want somewhere protected from the sun and rain, and that is enjoyable for you to work in.

How we might be able to help

So you are planning to use your spare room, garage, or shed as a space to run your business from. What are you going to do with all of the stuff that’s already in there?

A lot of the items that we store in our homes are only used once or twice a year or are just kept for sentimental reasons. If you feel that you could probably clear some space in your home by moving some other items into an affordable self-storage space, we would love to help!

Contact us and get a quick quote on a short or long-term space at Yatala Self Storage.