The Perfectly Organised Winter Wardrobe

The Perfectly Organised Winter Wardrobe.jpg

Would you love to have a wardrobe that looks like those pictures on Pinterest? Organised, everything has its place, clothes aren’t crammed in causing wrinkles and leading you to forget which clothes you even own.

All your clothes are clean, pressed, and sorted. You could see at a glance which items would go together and plan your outfit for the day. You could easily match your accessories without having to dig around in the back of a wardrobe or rummage through drawers.

So how do you achieve this masterpiece of organisation?

Pack away seasonal or rarely worn clothes

If it’s coming into winter, pack away your summer clothes. If you have bridesmaid dresses or other pieces you have only worn once or twice, they probably don’t need to be on display for everyday use.

With the clothes that you are left with, a little fashion parade may be called for. Look at what fits well, which items go together, and which pieces of clothing you just never wear or is in disrepair or has seen better days. Pack away anything you don’t love (or donate or sell them).

This will leave a lot more space for displaying clothing that you love, that is flattering, and that suits the current climate.

Like with like

Sort your clothing so that shirts are with shirts, pants with pant, scarves with scarves etc. You’ll be able to quickly assess your clothing options in the morning without having to check for that pair of pants hidden somewhere amongst shirts, and skirts, and coats.

Keep all of your jewellery in one place, and nicely spaced to prevent tangles. You can get very inexpensive storage options for sorting and storing small items. Those that hang off the back of the wardrobe door are great for accessories.

Make a habit of keeping your socks in pairs when you put away clean laundry, so that you aren’t picking through a drawer trying to find a pair that match. Display shoes neatly so that you can find a pair that looks great with your outfit.

Stay on top of the laundry

The great things about having only your best and favourite clothing items on display is that instead of gradually making your way through every item of clothing you own - then having to spend 4 days washings and folding up all the dirty stuff - you have no choice but to do your laundry on a regular basis.

This might not sound like a perk, but time spend loading clothing into the washing machine, hanging them out to dry, and folding or hanging up clothes will be much reduced if the total items of clothing in your load is smaller.

A 5-minute job a couple of times a week will be much less of an ask after a long work day than trying to tackle a mountain of laundry that has piled up over a few weeks. It won’t feel like such a big job to put your clothes away as soon as they are dry, instead of leaving them scrunched up in a laundry basket for days on end.

How can we help?

If you are a little short on storage space and would like to pack away your summer clothes or rarely worn items to better organise your winter wardrobe, we would love to help you with an affordable self-storage space. Short or long-term spaces are available. Call us today to get a quick quote, and start getting organised!